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What people are saying

Hello! My name is Di and I am a member with Alana and her awesome business at Caradinia, and I have been there since the start of the year. Now unfortunately, it’s been a little off and on because of the closures that we’ve had to participate in.



Hi there! My name is Dagmar and I am a member of Cardinia CrossFit. I am a 66-year old who started her fitness journey during PT with Alana.  Alana (The Owner) encouraged me to join a CrossFit class and from that moment I was hooked!



What our clients say

I am a 66 year old who started her journey at Cardinia CrossFit 4 years ago doing Personal Training with Alana. Alana encouraged me to join a CrossFit class and from that moment I was hooked! My family has a history of heart disease and osteoporosis so I was determined not to go down the same path. This wonderful gym has been my saviour on every level. I love the community, I love the diversity and the challenges that each class offers. Boredom never becomes an issue which in turn keeps motivation high and the will to succeed even higher, 

Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say how grateful I am to Alana, Virginia, Kelly and the fantastic members in our community for their undying support, encouragement and for always making me feel included and welcome. You have changed my life more than you know. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending CSF to anyone wishing to start their own fitness journey.

Go ahead and do yourself a favour. You won’t regret it!!!


Cardinia CrossFit has been the best gym I have ever been to. I have been to many and have never felt the love and support like I have from this community. Everyone is happy to help with not only technique in the gym but motivation in coming each day and in what you are eating. There are always challenges to motivate you in learning a new skill or in working towards your weight goals. The coaches are all incredibly knowledgeable and know exactly what you’re capable of and how you can improve. This is the only place that I have felt accountable, motivated and supported in everything I do. Everyone is a family and works together to improve their health and fitness.


Turning 50 in 2019 made me realise that if I was to continue my love of the outdoors and adventure travel, I would need to focus on my fitness, great health and strength. I spoke with Alana, trialled a class and the rest is history. From the first moment I walked in the gym I was welcomed with open arms but with no concessions, The coaches are knowledgeable, firm and compassionate and truly want our success by modifying exercises to gradually get us to the full program. It’s been one of the best and impactful commitments to my health that I’ve made in my life.


Choosing Cardinia CrossFit was an easy choice after seeing the quality of the coaches. From day one both the coaches and the community provided a welcoming and safe environment to challenge yourself and have a heaps of fun. Highly recommended taking the plunge and giving it a go!



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