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Start Where You Are, Go Where You Want

We’re here to help you set clear fitness goals and achieve them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete, complete beginner, or someone recovering from an injury, we’ll provide you the world-class coaching you need to succeed.

Why You’ll Love Training With Us

Tailored Programs

The most effective training program is the one that’s perfectly aligned with your specific goals and requirements—which is exactly what you’ll get here.

Science-Based Training

You won’t find ridiculous workouts that don’t work here. Everything we do in terms of training and nutrition is based on proven science.

Expert Coaching

All our coaches have the necessary certifications and real-world experience needed to get you where you
want to be.

Supportive Community

Forget people constantly trying to outdo each other. Our community is all about encouraging and helping each other succeed.

Bi-Monthly Challenges

Want to make the journey more exciting? Join our fitness and nutrition challenges and get a chance to win all sorts of exciting prizes.

Exciting Events

Looking to mix things up even more? Sign up for our fun competitions or upgrade your knowledge through our fitness and mindset talks.

Online Support

We’ll guide and motivate you to stay on track even when you’re not in the gym via our private Facebook group. 

Free App

Book classes, track your progress, discover delicious recipes, and get fitness and nutrition coaching right on your phone.

Birthday Treat

We’ll make your special day a little more special with a free massage. Once we’re done, we promise you’ll be readier than ever to go back to training.



I come from a competitive gymnastics background so it was a natural progression for me into the fitness industry. After several years of regular gyms I discovered CrossFit and never looked back.


7 years ago, after having two children, I found myself tired, run down and over weight. And just really unhappy within myself. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and joined the gym for the first time in my life.